This serum with its autologous agent Co-Enzyme Q10 visibly reduces
the intensity of wrinkles, when applied regular ly. The free radicals,
which are responsible for skin ageing, are neutralised by the Co-Enzyme Q10. The combination of vitamins A & E, which actively support the process, are especially effective.

After cleansing with Cellular Purifying Skin Cleanser and Cellular Refreshing Toner, regularly use a few drops in
the morning and evenings as a serum under the Cellular Nourishing Eye Repair and follow with SwissGetal
day or night cream according to skin type. It is immediately absorbed by the skin. The Q10 Anti-Oxidant Serum
Energy is suitable for all skin types and can also be used as a 24-hour cream.
Tip: Q10 Anti-Oxidant Serum Energy , thanks to its texture, is even very popular with and suitable for men.