The special treatment for tired, sagging and stressed skin. The active
agent complex is perfume-free and achieves an “immediate lifting
effect”. It stimulates cell regener ation, vitalises the skin, makes it
appear more radiant, reduces wrinkles, and firms and tightens the

Break open the Lifting Intensive Ampoules with fingers protected with facial tissue. Place the
contents of the ampoule on the palm of your hand and use your finger tips to apply to skin
cleansed with Cellular Purifying Skin Cleanser and Cellular Refreshing Toner, massage in with
light circular movements until the entire contents of the ampoule are absorbed by the skin.
Massage in the Cellular Nourishing Eye Repair and, according to skin type, use SwissGetal
day or night care product. Apply more to wrinkles. One ampoule per application. Can also be
used as a course of treatment (2-3 ampoules per week).