Hyaluron Pure is characterized by the innovative hyaluronic acid Hyalo-Oligo, which is low molecular (nanotechnology) and thus provides the skin with deep moisturizing. Moisture retention is twice as strong as when using ordinary hyaluronic acid. The structure of the lower elastic layers of the skin is improved and the regeneration of the skin is actively supported. Within a very short time, the skin is tighter and wrinkles as well as lines are visibly reduced.

Every day in the morning and/or evening apply to cleansed skin and gently pat in. Then apply the appropriate SWISSGETAL facial care product. Suitable as long-term care as well as a course of treatment. To use, open the Hyaluron Pure bottle, stick the syringe into the opening, turn the bottle upsidedown and pull 0.5 ml of serum into the syringe. Then pull the syringe out of the opening, carefully pour it into the palm of your hands and apply to the skin with your finger tips. Rinse the syringe with water after use. Close the bottle. Only for external use.