Collagen Mask Fleece: The collagen fleece is made from rawhide – the so-called “soluble”
collagen. The importance of collagen in cosmetics is based on the fact that the strong moisturizing
collagen is an efficient, physiological method to preser ve and store the moisture in
the collagen and elastic fibers of the skin. By soaking the collagen fleece with the Solvent
Special the soluble collagen is extracted from the fleece and absorbed and stored by the skin.
The skin gets its youthful glow and elasticity back.

Collagen Solvent Special: The outstanding complementar y lotion for impregnation of the
Collagen Mask Fleece. The SWISSGETA L Solvent Special is able to moisturize the skin in the
shor test time, to soothe and smooth it and to give it a radiant look.

Moisturize the face and neck areas cleansed with Cellular Purifying Skin Cleanser and Cellular
Refreshing Toner and prepared with Cellular Skin Softening Exfoliator well with Collagen
Solvent Special. The Collagen Mask Fleece tailored to the face is placed on the face and soaked
with the Collagen Solvent Special until the fleece is well soaked through. Repeat the soaking
if necessary. The fleece must remain moist. Allow 20 to 30 minutes for it to take effect. Then
remove the fleece and apply Lifting Intensive Ampoules, Cellular Nourishing Eye Repair and
finally Cellular Moisturizing Day Cream. Use as a single treatment or a course of treatment
(4 times within the 1st month).